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And so it begins.


Normally I make these things friends only; however, I think I will change that for this journal. I
want to be open, free and expressive of my blog and creative posts. A fresh start and a chance
to meet and see new people. If you feel like subscribing, great; if you feel like sharing your world
with me, even better.

See you around :)
Love You

Here ya go GiGi,

This entry is being made due to a promise I made to GiGi. I know this is the most contact I have with some of you and I am sorry for not keeping you updated or reading your entries. I can't promise that this will change, but I am hoping it will because i'm not even on MSN anymore! So I will try and feel free to tweet me to get my ass on this goddamn blog! Twitter= leeness (I use this a lot).

So, Uni has started back up. When it did I had a minor 'breakdown' because I wasn't sure if Psych was what I wanted to do or if education was what I even wanted to do. I'm over that now and i'm just getting on with it. I'm enjoying my classes so far (except for Developmental Psychology - the devil's seminar, I swear!!!!). For my Advanced Research Methods class I have to carry out a proper research project, so my group are doing a questionnaire on the awareness of schizophrenia and peoples attitudes towards this mental disease. And my personality class is awesome! My favourite by far. For my essay I get to do Helena Bonham Carter and relate two theorists to her. I'm looking forward to that : D But yeh, Developmental Psychology will probably be the death of me :/

As most of you will know, my life revolves around shows. I loveeeee my TV. This fall quite a lot of great new shows have started up! Three Rivers, Eastwick, Mercy, Melrose Place - i'm enjoying them all. BUT, my new favourite of allllll favourites has to be flashforward. This show is just so friggin amazing and so original! ABC is my God I swear. I started watching Vampire Diaries too, but what a lot of shite that is. It's just twilight with scarier eyes - True Blood, is where the REAL vampires are at! I'm also downloading all the current episodes of Glee because I didn't watch it because I thought it was going to be tacky and reaaaallll crap - but tons of people are raving about it! So, there we go! I'll watch them when I get time and once they have downloaded.

Lastly, I should talk about what i'm reading at the mo. I have quite a fewww things lined up. Right now I am finishing up the noughts and crosses trilogy and then will probably be moving onto the Dice Man. I read Chasing Fire, the second in the Hunger Game Series by Suzanne Collins, and it was soooo amazing. I must say, I hardly predicted any of what happened, no matter how obvious it seemed when it came to light - awesome book in an awesome series! HIGHLY recommended. I also read the Time Traveler's Wife. I wasn't impressed. It was an okay book. Just went on and on and on and on and it took me ages to get through. Merph. Wasn't all that bothered by it. I only read it because I wanted to see the movie, but thought I should read it before hand (can't even find a decent link to the movie anywayz - ironic, eh?)

Anywayz, sorry for my absence, I will try to keep you updated as much as possible and I love you alllll. I am going to go try and read some of your entries now that I have a bit of time.

- Lee
Love You

Harry Potter Review

Below will be spoilers of what happened, so please don't read if you don't want to know what happens. However, my conclusion is that THAT is how a Harry Potter movie SHOULD be made.

Collapse )There is probably more stuff I wanted to comment on, but I can't remember for the moment. Going again tomorrow night... and maybe the weekend too. I loved it. I really, really did : D. Oh! anddd I dont think ill proof-read cause im lazeh :P
Love You

Hitler: "Where's the fairy lights!?"

I spent the beginning of my afternoon today, watching The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. For those of you who have not seen it: it is basically a story set during world war two, following a german family of whom the father has recently been promoted to a 'leader' of one of the concentration camps. His eight year old son, completely oblivious as to what the camps are really for, wanders off to the 'farm' and meets a boy of the same age in 'striped pyjamas' and they become friends. The title itself demonstrates the innocence of Bruno by claiming the prison clothes are 'striped pyjamas', not to mention the constant reference of the camp being a 'farm' and such like.

Well, as I am prone to do, I look up movie reviews and see what other people thought. I just generally read and click on any I find particularly interesting. Now, I have purposefully left out the ending of the story because I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen the movie or read the book yet, but please read no further if you still wish to keep your... 'innocence' :P.

I must say, whilst the majority of these 'reviewers' can spout posh vocabulary and creatively, well-thought sentences, I feel as if most of them wouldn't know a good movie if it hit them in the face. Movies, along with most things in life, are bound to bring about differences in opinion and while I respect that, some of the comments these reviewers were fucking ridiculous.

"The story is passable, albeit a little too manufactured for my taste in terms of its moral lessons, but the execution is so stilted and unconvincing that the experience is uncomfortable" - I don't believe you have the right to criticise the 'realism' of the execution unless you were there to experience it first hand. The characters thought they were going in for a shower... they all got in the room, slightly confused but waiting and the fuckers gased them... of course! They forgot the fairy lights in the changing room, didn't they? How unrealistic! And I think if the scene made you uncomfortable, well it has done it's job good and proper! I wouldn't expect a scene such as that to be 'comfortable' in the slightest!
"Moreover, the production lacks the personal touch that might allow this story to resonate as parable" - It lacks the 'personal touch'. Has this person even seen the bloody movie? Seriously?!

Others go on to claim they weren't emotionally effect by it, which I didn't think would even be possible! Heartless bastards : )

" ...unusually offensive on a couple of levels." - It was 'unusually offensive' to you. How so? I'm sorry... were you all for the jews getting gased and burned? I can see how a movie demonstrating the obvious flaws of the nazi's beleifs could, therefore, be unusually offensive to you. *rolls eyes*

Don't get me wrong, I don't think the movie is without its flaws. I very much agree with everyone who noted the British accents were rather... odd and that the security of a concentration camp wouldn't be so slack. My particular favourite was: Only in the last 10 minutes does it get to grips with the full horror of the Holocaust, and that saves it from a Disneyish propensity not to shock us too much or impose a feelgood ending.

However, I loved how the movie used the cluelessness of not only the children, but the german family. Half way through the movie, the mother ends up finding out what they are really doing in the camps and I find it incredibly fascinating to watch it from that perspective having seen it only from the victims point of view in the past. The acting was great, the drama was incredible and the story is beautifully written. The ending is rather heartbraking and I kind of wished for an alternative... but I guess back in the day when Hitler decided to kill off all of those people, he wasn't exactly debating whether or not to give them an 'alternative ending'.

Normally I don't get this, I suppose you could say, emotional over these kinds of things. I think it has a lot to do with the story the movie/book was trying to tell and people were just being stupid with their criticisms. Goodness sake you jews! Look a little more terrified before we gas you to make it look more 'real' *rolls eyes again*

And with that I take my leave.

- Lee

P.S I am reading all your entries, despite not commenting, just so you know.

P.P.S *hugs Si-ness* she seemed as if she could use it : )

Love You

My non-existant perfect happiness.

Before I begin I would like to note that I am not suicidal, I am not on the verge of a breakdown, I am not about to go harm myself in any shape, way or form. This is simply a chain of thought from a pessimist that has been running through my mind for the past couple of weeks.

Happiness. It is a wide-known debate as to whether happiness is created by having copious amounts of money to spend on crap or being in a loving relationship of any sort with some significant other person. If I was to choose between these two I would most definitely say that money would make me the happiest, but this is me deciding with no experience of a bulging bank account.

There are other arguments. We should be happy because we simply are. We should be grateful that there is people worse off than ourselves. Life is a gift in itself and we should be happy to have been given the opportunity.

Well, no. Happiness does NOT exist. There may be a less severe sadness, but there is never happiness.

I live in a world where SOMEONE could simply push a button and destroy us all. Nuclear an biological weapons exist on this Earth and threaten our lives everyday. War exists. Violence. People can draw blood from other people. People get that ANGRY that they can harm another living thing. We have to work hard in order to survive. We face natural disasters that are so uncontrollable. Stress exists. Trends, traditions and expectations exist, which we are all expected to adhere to in order to be socially acceptable. We all strive and try to work to perfection.

Here's a thought: we all reach for perfection, but perfection doesn't exist. Nothing and no one is perfect. So why the hell does the word 'perfect' even exist?

We live in a cruel, cruel world filled with dangers, threats and bastards. The world is unfair. Life is unfair.

Happiness will only exist when we become emotionless robots and no alternative could exist, which may very well turn out to be some form of terrorism with futuristic technology!

We cannot be trusted. We cannot be relied on. We are flawed. We are not happy. Life, is a punishment, really.

I know this is all over the place, but it literally was just thoughts straight into words without thinking too much about the fluency of the word and paragraphs. But yeh, my two cents. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who strongly disagree with my views. But hey, I'm a pessimist, this is what I believe in. Much love.

- Lee

Love You

My goal for square eyes.

So, as part of my summer I have vowed to watch all 57 of my television boxsets. In doing this I shall keep track of everything here. You can follow for curiousities sake if you wish, but I understand that this is probably just for my own personal use. The list is under a cut, so as not to make your friend pages completely ugly : )

Collapse )

Note: This list may grow bigger or change depending on any boxsets bought during the summer : D

- Lee

Love You

Dreaming a fresh start.

In light of my admission to dreamwidth, I have cleared all of my livejournal entries (once again) and plan to crossover most of my posts. I am only doing this for two reasons: 1) Most people on my livejournal list are not on dreamwidth and 2) There are quite a lot of limitations still in place with  dreamwidth that will hopefully change. I HAVE applied for invites though, but if I do get them I already know who I will ask to accept them. If these people turn down the invitations I will leave them up for grabs : ) OH! My dreamwidth account = infectiousirony : )

I am going to do a friend and community clearout on my livejournal. Please do not be offended if I remove you - it just makes reading through friends pages so much easier! However, as a new change I shall be keeping most of my entries public, so feel free to continue 'watching' me if you don't hate me after I delete you :P

I have a couple of entries lined up. One is not so pleasant and the other is just a list for me to refer to and may be of no interest to you all, but either way I want to put them both here soon and I promise to do a proper, personal entry soon.

Welcome to my fresh start.

- Lee